Are you ready to move out of pain?

melbourne counsellor marg ryanThe Chinese script word for “busy” translates to “heart killing”.  In our frenetic society you may yearn to be leading a more balanced, productive life with a sense of health and well – being. Instead, you may have difficulties in achieving balance in your life and your relationships.

Do you suffer from:

  • stress
  • irritability
  • overwhelm
  • sleepless nights
  • exhaustion
  • relationship difficulties

If your life and your relationships are becoming  too challenging,  and  painful feelings keep emerging that are difficult to manage, you may need  assistance.  It is really useful to turn to someone who can provide you with a genuine, professional relationship of support.

Will it work for you?

  •  recent compelling brain research  has uncovered scientific evidence, that safe and non-judgemental relationships, can foster those delicate circuits that shape us and contribute to our feelings of well being.
  • counseling and psychotherapy can help you understand yourself better and through a better connection to your body, mind and emotions, you can develop greater flexibility to make new choices and try new things in your life.
  • most clients find they experience a great deal of relief from their presenting symptoms within a few sessions

You will be  respected and supported to creatively explore how to get the very best out of your life. It is a privilege to work with you and create a safe environment for you to change and grow.